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My name is Justin Krieger and I’m techie that does computer consulting. I live in Long Island, NY and I have a wonderful daughter Taylor and Mini Schnauzer Winston. I have always done some kind of paper crafting ever since I was little when I made entire car dashboards out of oaktag. I discovered my love of card making in January of 2010 while watching a show on PBS. I saw them make a waterfall card and I thought I can do that so I went out and got some supplies and made one. My friend introduced me to Stampin’ Up! in August of that year and I became an Independent Demonstrator in September. I am completely hooked and take some time to make something every day. It relaxes me and is my wind down at the end of the day!


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  1. Very cool card Justin! All mine are flat! LOL I’ll have to give 3D a spin. Oh, and I’m with you with all the Apple stuff too!

  2. Just stumbled in your blog Justin – love your cards, especially the coffee one. I too love Starbucks and all things Apple!
    Have a great day, keep sharing your amazing creations 🙂

  3. Hello Justin, I just found your blog thru Stampinconnection. Wow I love your cards – the simplicity of them!! That is rare to have a male demonstrator. 🙂 I am from Vancouver, Canada….I joined Stampin Up! just for hobby. Thank you for sharing your blog.

    • Hello Sandra!

      I’m so glad that you like my cards! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I am a rare breed, but I love doing it all. 🙂

      • You are welcome! No hard feeling, I am PC user…never tried with apple stuff! I have been thinking of buying IPad 2 from a friend to start from the scratch as a new beginner. Also I am Tim Horton iced cap and coffee fanatic!

      • You will love an iPad! I’m a big Starbucks fan myself! 🙂

  4. I love your blog….I stumbled on it after I saw Sandy Mathis’s site on the blog tour! She made this cute box and credited it to you! So I had to click on the link she provided and then I saw all your cute creations.

    Would you mind sharing the template for the box? I’d love to make a bunch for gifts! Oh, and I’ve bookmarked your blog, so I’ll be looking at it frequently! 🙂



    • Thank you so much Kathy! I’ll be happy to send you the instructions for the box when I get home later. So glad that you like my projects! 😉

  5. Hi Justin, I’ve just found you via Paper Craft Crew Challenges and love your work 😀 I’m relatively new to paper craft and am eager to soak up all the inspiration out here in blogland 🙂 I don’t have many tools yet but am a dab hand with a pair of scissors and double sided tape ;:D 😀 I shall be checking back as often as possible to see what new beauties you have created 😉
    Have a great day 😀

  6. Wow Justin! Just discovered you today and have been reviewing your blog for hours. I LOVE your work! I signed up to follow you. Thanks for the beautiful art! Does your daughter have the bug?

    • Welcome and thanks Jamie! So happy to have you visit! Taylor likes to come to card class and she is definitely creative which I love! Have a Happy New Year! 🙂

  7. Hi Justin, your cards are marvalously stunning!

  8. Nancy Farrell

    Hi Justin, I found you through the Tic-Tac-Toe, Paper Players Page (WOW say that three times fast!) I too live in Long Island, NY (Massapequa) and was wondering what town you live in and if you hold any crafting nights, or workshops, etc? I am only making cards for 18 months. I have a small group (of SU friends, here but they have been SU for many, many years and it seems their time is very limited. Thanks a bunch.

    • Hello Nancy,

      I’m in Bethpage! I don’t have any classes but my up-line Sandy does. She is two over to the left in the gallery! She actually has a new catalog release event tonight. She is in Seaford. 🙂

      • Nancy Farrell

        Thanks Justin, I contacted Sandy just now. Maybe we will meet one day. I want to know what is an “up-line”? Thanks a bunch.

        * * * * * * *Pax, Nance*

        Be Kind be kind to your e-mail friends. Delete all incoming addresses & use BCC when forwarding. * * *. . . **just try to make a difference in someone’s life today. Remember, be kinder than necessary because everyone is fighting some kind of battle!*

      • You’re welcome Nancy! I hope we do meet soon! An up-line is the person I signed up to be a Demo under. 🙂

  9. Carol Carriveau

    Hi Justin, I was so happy to meet you on the Wednesday evening before Convention started…you were with Brian King and I took advantage of grabbing him in a hotel lobby…lol! Was very excited to meet you as well and thank you very much for taking a picture of my and Brian and my roomie Kathy. I look forward to following your blog!

  10. Hi! I got here via Brian King via Mary Fish blogs – how cool that you are in Bethpage! I live in Hicksville! Go Long island (or Lawn Eyeland LOL)! Looking forward to visiting your blog in the future and checking out your awesome gallery.

    • Hello Marta! Thank you so much for stopping by! Wow, you are really close! Yes, the accent! LOL! Looking forward to having you visit! Enjoy your day! 🙂

  11. dear Justin i really love your blog your cards are amazing.I also enjoy reading what you have been doing as i live in new zealand and its summer here so seeing pictures of snow is really cool.Thank-you for sharing your wonderful cards they always make me smile.take care regards stacey.

    • Dear G,
      Thank you very much for stopping by to let me know, I really appreciate it! I’m happy that you not only like my work but my little travels too! I hope that you will keep following along with me! Enjoy the rest of your week! 🙂

  12. Hi Justin……I just found you on Pinterest. I’ve been creating with Stampin Up since 1998. Your blog makes me wish I lived on the East Coast so I could come over and make cards with you…..:o) Can’t imagine leaving Oregon though. I just love your energy and your cards. Thank you…..

    • Hello Cinda!
      Thank you so much! That would be great to craft with you! I do love it here in NY, but I wish it was warmer lately! I’m so happy to have you visit and hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂

  13. Hi Justin. I’m a demonstrator up in Maine and have seen you on Brian King’s blog, including the fun zip-line adventure the two of you had. : ) I just had a “man stamper” join my Stamping Peace team, and I have sent him to check out your blog (and Brian’s). Hope you don’t mind! Cheers, Dawn

    • Hello Dawn!
      Thank you for stopping by! I had a great time with Brian! He is a great guy! Congratulations on your male recruit. I am happy that you sent him over! Have a great evening! 🙂

  14. Hi Justin, I’m a Stampin Up Demonstrator from Australia, I have seen your work on the PPA page. Love your stuff!!! Love your blogs, makes me want to come to NY

    • Hello Michelle!
      So nice to “meet” you! I’m happy that you came by to visit! Everyone should visit NY at least once! I definitely want to visit Australia at some point! 🙂

  15. Hello! I am very happy to see a fellow male crafter! I am soooo following your blog. 🙂 I hope we can collaborate some time 🙂


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